Carlos Benaim is considered one of the living legends of modern perfumery and his list of wins reads like a fragrance hall of fame. Yet Benaim never intended to be a perfumer - not even when he came to IFF Paris in November 1967.

Accepted into IFF's European management training program, Benaim was sent to the Paris office to learn more about fragrance production. While compounding fragrances, his gift for perfumery was recognized and he trained with some of the greats of the industry, Ernest Shiftan and Bernard Chant.

His stint in Paris not only uncovered his talent, it reminded him of his earlier interest in the field. Benaim's father was a pharmacist who distilled plants and flowers as a hobby. Over many years, the hobby evolved into business. Years later, a summer job with a chemist in Grasse allowed him time to learn about the raw materials of perfumery. This experience resonated with his past and helped determine his future.

Born and raised in Tangiers, Morocco, Benaim was trained as an engineer at the Ingenieur de l'Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie in Toulouse, France. Outside of perfumery, he enjoys drawing, art, reading about foreign affairs, and studying Sephardic history. He and his wife have three sons and live in New York City and Bedford, New York.